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Moving in  Texas

Movers who transport a shipment of household goods solely within Texas are required to register and file proof of financial responsibility with TxDMV, and to follow consumer protection rules. Want more information? Call 1-888-368-4689

You will have many choices when it comes to selecting a moving company. If your mover isn't licensed to conduct moves in Texas, you could risk losing your material possessions, family heirlooms or other items of personal and irreplaceable value. It is illegal for a mover to operate without a license to conduct moves.

Spotting an Unlicensed Mover

Low Priced Moves

If it's too good to be true, it probably is. What may look like a low cost move may not turn out to be a smart move. Unlicensed movers may advertise a very low cost for a move then increase the price once your items are loaded onto their truck. Your items would be in their custody until you pay the higher price.

Generic Contact Information

Unlicensed movers typically have no local business address, use cell phones as their business phones, answer the phone with vague terms as "Movers" or "Moving Company". Ask questions. Ask the mover to give you their TxDMV certificate number; then check their number in our database.

Unmarked Trucks

Unlicensed movers will typically have no markings on their trucks or use rental trucks. TxDMV requires all licensed movers to have their name, TxDMV certificate number, USDOT number on both sides of their truck either permanently attached or with a magnetic sign.

No Proposal/Contract Documents

Unlicensed movers may not provide you with a proposal or contract document, or, may rush you through a contract form and make you sign it before reading it.

A licensed mover will provide you with both a proposal and a contract document and will ask you to sign it at different stages of the move. A licensed mover will not assess additional charges after the contract is signed unless you both agree to them in writing. Please make sure you read any documents before you sign them.

No "Rights and Responsibility" brochure provided

All licensed movers are required to provide you this document prior to loading your items.